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  Cao square, Ltd. was established in 2010, is located in the ancient town camps Caoxian Development Zone in Shandong Province, Shandong Province Caoxian famous export household goods key enterprises, is the design, development, processing and export in one of the wood, grass, willow, bamboo, and other household items of professional producers. Over the years, companies adhering to the product quality is the life force of the concept, while constantly improving technology, innovative technology, the development of various new products. Current products include grass, willow, bamboo, racks, lockers five series of household goods, storage cabinets, storage baskets, laundry barrels, wooden cabinet, Boxes, thousands of varieties, and are exported to many countries and regions, such as North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and many times by customers and praise! Our adhering to the "quality-oriented, the amount for profit," the purpose of the above by the product quality, best price, timely delivery and quick sound sincere attitude to win the trust of every customer, you become a reliable trading partners, sincerely welcome foreign businessmen to visit and negotiate business.

Cao Xian Zheng Fang Crafts Ltd.
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